About us

Grass + Grit Farm was founded in 2015. The farm is owned and operated by Maddie Morley and Benjamin Roberts. We met while farming together and quickly realized we had a shared vision for our farming future. We raise pastured and grass-fed meat. You can buy our products through CSA shares and at farmers markets.

At Grass + Grit, we value diversity, collaboration, creativity, and transparency in how we farm and interact with our community. Our farm strives to balance the needs of our animals, the health of the land, and the profitability of our business. At the core of our values is an exemplary standard of animal welfare.

We prioritize our animals’ need to express their natural instincts while protecting and improving the soil, water, and surrounding ecology of the farm.

We believe that healthy animals + healthy farmers = healthy and delicious food.

Photo by Ethan Harrison


I had little exposure to agriculture while growing up, but my commitment to animal welfare started at an early age. At 10 years old, I learned about the terrible conditions in industrialized livestock operations, and I swiftly decided that I would be a vegetarian. My vegetarianism lasted for 14 years until I became aware of a different kind of livestock farming: one where animals are raised in a thoughtful, humane, and environmentally sensitive way. I've been hooked on that style of farming and the amazing food it produces ever since.


I grew up with a bounty of fresh vegetables from my family’s garden, a robust raspberry patch, and an all around love for the outdoors and hard work. After spending the better part of my professional career in culinary arts and hospitality, I made the jump into farming in 2013. I’ve grown organic vegetables in Maine, raised pastured livestock right here in the Hudson Valley, and worked as a grazing specialist for a local goat dairy and creamery as we got Grass + Grit Farm off the ground.